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Travel Marketing Plan Pt 3: Creating Content With Context

We’ve alluded to this idea “content with context” in our earlier articles, but this article is designed to dive into it more. If you do your homework and know who you want to attract (traveler persona) and what their issues are, you already know what type of content to create to attract them; it’s content that helps, entertains and...
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Traveler Marketing Personas – Why They Matter And How To Create Them

Learn how to create highly effective traveler marketing personas to take your travel marketing plan to the next level. Free Template & infographic included!
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The Traveler’s Journey

take a deep dive into the travel buying journey, or as it's sometimes called, the travel buying lifecycle. This is a mental process that every traveler goes through when finding, purchasing, anticipating and experiencing travel. Understanding this process can have a tremendous impact on how you create a travel marketing plan for your company.

Google Agrees With Us – Our Travel Marketing Method Works 357% Better Than A Traditional Approach.

In this case study, we dive into the psychology of how using simple human emotions in your travel marketing can take your results from average to remarkable.

5 Things I Learned After Analyzing 26 Travel Agency Websites

A month ago, I gave away ten opportunities for me to give your travel agency website a no-holds-barred critique. I found such a lack of direction on most of the sites that I critiqued that I had to create a list of the top 5 issues I saw. Today I want to share them with you in hopes that...
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Introducing Our New Travel Marketing Academy

By: Mikiah Fender December 2, 2016 Introducing Our New Travel Marketing Academy We’ve been working with travel companies for years. Educating, helping and learning from them as much as they learn from us. All this time, I’ve been covertly machinating to develop a comprehensive travel marketing educational program. Today, that dream is a reality. I’m so excited to introduce…

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