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Travel Website Destination Management


Your ability to add new destinations is key when expanding into new markets or offering new product. You'll save countless hours of work using your site's intelligent destination management tools.

Be Global Without The Work

Showing off global destinations is as easy as searching for the destination you want to add, entering a description (optional) & choosing an image (optional) and clicking save

Relationships Made easy

Every destination you add will be available as a tag for all your articles, itineraries & staff profiles. Tag any content with the destination and it will show on its respective destination landing page.

Compelling Visuals

We'll automatically create a landing page for your new destination with everything you need to display any content associated to it. Use our default template, access our private layout library or use our drag and drop page builder to create your own.

Built In Destination Modules

Allow users to search destinations either via your navigation or our feature-rich page builder modules.

Destination Manager Features Detail

We add more features every month. Check Back Often.
  • Every destination you add will be available as a content tag.
  • Tag any content with the destination and it will show on its respective destination page.
  • We'll search for any existing content with geo-location coordinates that match the new imported destination so you won't have any work if you've created content before adding the destination. (This assumes you've added the geolocation to the content beforehand using our geo-location tool on the edit page. )
  • Destinations can be nested: Africa > Kenya
  • Destinations are tracked in analytics
  • Destination Pages Can be added to any menu
  • If you already have done work setting up destination pages manually, you don't have to use these tool. It's completely optional and won't affect any current destination pages you've created.

Destinations are a critical part of the travel buying process so adding destinations that you serve at any time should be an important part of your website.